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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Second Thanksgiving

Saluting an amazing life :)
‘I’m not afraid.  I’ve lived a wonderful, happy life.  I’ve made a few mistakes along the way, done some things I’m not proud of.  But I can’t complain and I wouldn’t change a thing.  All I want is for my family to be ok, to be happy.  When it’s my time, I’m ready’.  

Thankful, much? One of my patients recently had us in pieces every ward round, reminding us how a life should be lived and appreciated.

Homemade pie, y'all?
I read back my post from this time last year (The First Thanksgiving) - gosh blimey, how time has flown! And I'm bloody exhausted (hence the brevity of this, but aware that my little blog is being woefully neglected) - 12 days in a row, including a 7 day stint halfway through where I did over 80 hours in the hospital, and I look forward to a rather disgusting slog of days and nights (we're already discussing Christmas jumpers and head-gear...) before I hit the relative finish line of Christmas.  And then I'm back for New Years!  Party's at the hospital, chaps and chapesses!

I wrote a lengthier scribble but decided for once in my life to be concise, mainly because every bit of my thanksgiving chatter was about the same thing - people.  Friends old and new, family, my patients, the patients' relatives who expressed their support to junior doctors this week, my non-junior doctor colleagues who did the same, the man laughing at me singing in my car en route to work, the hospital coffee shop chap who gifts me free coffee - oh so many human moments big and small - they've all made me want to give life the massive air punch it deserves on a daily basis. And we haven't even talked about OpenCon2015 yet!

High five, people.  You make me glow! And for that I am thankful :)  

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