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Monday, 18 February 2013

Training starts today!

Realising that doing a half marathon and one-mile swim all in the next four months around my rather antisocial work hours will be a little painful!

.....But this is what it's all about!
I may be on nights this week but training started today for my mega-outdoors-athon in May (Edinburgh half marathon) and June (Great North Swim).  A 7.35km run along the river on day one in the Oxford sunshine :)

I realised looking through my blog that I may have been somewhat cryptic but here's what it's all about.  There was an avalanche in Glencoe on the 19th January and close university friends of mine were amongst those involved.  They were friends not just by virtue of our time at medical school, but also an immense amount of time spent in the hills, bothys, the Irish sea, up to our knees in snow, curled up in a make-shift shelter of moss logs and many more wild places.  Their loss is still not something I can really believe is real, but they were full of so much joie de vivre and laughter that this seems a good way to start living life with them alongside us.

Begging emails of donations to follow!  

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