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Friday, 25 October 2013

A blog-a-plug

I've just discovered this beautiful photo blog created by someone who lost his wife to breast cancer.  The photos are just really beautiful.

The author only writes a few short passages about their life together in his blog alongside each of his photographs, but this little nugget reminded me of something my friend and I talked about when sat in the canteen in a Scottish hospital some months ago.

'Before going to sleep Jen and I used to ask each other what the best and worst part of the day was, choosing to tell the best part last so we could fall asleep happy. The night we came home from the hospital after being told that Jennifer’s liver was failing and she didn’t have long to live, I asked Jen to tell me what she loved most about the day, which we had spent with family and a few close friends. Jennifer thought for a moment then looked through my eyes and into my soul. She said, “I loved it all.” 

Today I loved a lot of things; the week has had its moments but I shall tuck those away and think of the lovely parts instead.

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