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Saturday, 29 March 2014

25 and still revising

I am cross.

I never get cross.

But I am 25 years old.  It is a beautiful Spring day outside.  Where am I, and what am I doing? I am revising.  Again.  This concept has raised a bit of confusion for various people, quite understandably, and is often backed up by the question; 'so, when do you actually qualify?'.  Mate, I'm qualified.  It says 'Doctor' on my badge.  That doesn't mean it's over.

But apart from just getting these post-grad exams out of the way, I've timed it to hopefully aid my transition back into clinical medicine after four glorious months in the lab.  Monday and Tuesday will be the last with my beloved spheroids, and then, boom, Wednesday I'm back to hospital with a bump on night shifts.  Nothing like easing back in gently, is there?

It's been a funny couple of weeks of not being very well (I'll save that for another post) which has also made all motivation for revision go out of the window.  It's been a potent reminder that while I bulldoze my way through work and study and the rest, I haven't really left a lot of slack in the system for when the wheels fall off.  Henceforth, I shall try to embrace the terror of night shifts, give this two-day exam-a-thon a high five (and hope it high five-s back) and then leave some space for some serious 'me' time.

After all, all that's really at stake for this exam is pride and £500.  

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