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Monday, 13 October 2014

Learning American music, making a good cup of tea and Fall

Despite Eva Cassidy singing about 'Autumn Leaves', it is most definitely 'Fall' in New England; we were marvelling today at how we probably have all the same foliage in Europe but somehow it just looks so much more beautiful here… perhaps the lack of rain?!

Anyway, the culture shock (and I mean that in a positive way!) continues as I adapt my British/German ways to my new American environment.  This week's highlights:

- I started playing in an orchestra this week.  Easy, I thought - the international language of music.  WRONG.  I grew up with bars, crochets, quavers, semi-quavers.  Here they have measures, full beats, half beats, quarter beats.  My desk partner probably thought I was heading for the exit when I had no idea what was going on at the start of the rehearsal and initially didn't play a note.  Two and half hours of sight reading later, I hope I managed to redeem myself.

- Milk.  Again, a surprise complication. In the UK we have full fat, semi-skimmed (green top, for some reason the one most people drink) and skimmed (white water). Here, there is whole milk, half and half, skimmed, 4%, 2%....  And yes, it does matter which one goes in your tea.

- The pancakes are indeed as big as your face, but damn, they are good in the USA.  Don't get me wrong, I love a crepe, but how do they get buttermilk pancakes so fluffy?! This weekend I managed a double dose; I fear this may become a regular habit.

- Fall foliage really is amazing.  Here are a few snaps from East Rock running, and West Rock walking this weekend.  This meant we also braved the bus, which in a land with very subtle bus stop signs felt like something of an achievement.  It was so good to get some fresh air, and we were blessed with some glorious New England sunshine as you can see.  Although if post-grad medical exams are to be believed, I will be catching Lyme Disease at any moment.  I’ll keep you posted.

I am excited to have a VERY important visitor (my bestie!) this week.  I have done some baking specially (although this was also a mixed success – again there are certain ingredients e.g. flour I wrongly assumed would be the same! But hey, the first round still tasted good and simply means I will have to make more) and have cooked a batch of butternut squash soup. And I will be hopefully make some lab progress.  CRISPs(R), anyone?

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