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Monday, 13 April 2015

The Opposite of Curiosity

Curiosity is both my greatest friend and biggest enemy.  My curiosity has in recent weeks been well and truly on a leash - but in 'restraining' it, or rather, allowing curiosity to find me, I feel I've been able to appreciate what's going on around me with fresh eyes.

This has been vastly facilitated in part by having various visitors which has therefore required me to SIT STILL and NOT MOVE (well...perhaps it's more accurate to say that I have stayed in the tri-state area and moved a lot within that... the Spring countryside is just irresistible!).  Visitors and American friends alike have taken my enthusiasm for world-merging with great spirit, and hopefully enjoyed sharing a world for a while. But - I shall take my own advice, pipe down and say little more about it other than provide a few snapshots of recent joys, which I hope will speak for themselves.

Probably the one part of a New York brunch I could leave,
but at least I'll try anything once.  Plus, nothing
can taint my love of Brunch.

Pecan pastries.  If I weren't doing so much running/squash/you-name-it atm, I would be getting very, very fat.  I can safely say Easter was a feast in every meaning of the word: thanks Team America.

This was randomly stuck on the window of a shop that is being renovated near my flat, and just tickled me. True, as exemplified by this previous post! But also, said post is a reminder that there can always be more great bike rides :) 
Transatlantic Easter-ing.

Surely the best $8 I have spent in recent times.
Beyond therapeutic to do a quick sketch when
a spare five minutes presents itself.
Spring is fighting through! Perfect for my morning runs
although my right knee currently does not agree.
Ageing sucks.

These are just a few little things.  I played my last concert here recently; the beginning of 'lasts' but we're not thinking about that just now!  Letting life happen to me rather than making it happen myself is not something I am historically very good at, but perhaps I should try harder to let it be so.  It's pretty lovely.  (Although spoiler alert - such notions will be fairly imminently paused - despite having a thesis to write and brain cancer to cure, I have a country to explore here, after all.  But you know.  After that.)

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